Bank of America Online Banking Down

The BoA online banking seems to be down for some people.

Personally I have been trying all morning with no success.  I cannot get beyond the password screen.

Upon calling Bank of America, I was put on hold for quite some time.

No internet access to my accounts…check.
Long wait on the phone to my accounts…check.
The year 2011….check.

Seriously, Bank of America?  The biggest bank in the country?  What are you doing with the literal billions in fees you collect?

After some time on hold, because of increased call volume, the representative, who was very nice, informed me that they did in fact have an outage, and the techs working on the issue seem to hope that it should be up within an hour.   This was at about 11:40 AM eastern time US.

It has been down since at least 9:15 AM.

Great timing, too, just before a federal holiday in which they are closed.

UPDATE 1PM ET:  Still down.   Now they managed to get a message for MA users that they are down and to try again later.  “Within an hour” my you know what.  Half a day of online banking gone in MA.

UPDATE 3:30 PM ET:  Still down.  Only an hour left until the branches close until Tuesday.  I wonder how many fees they will get from MA residents?