Charter Communications Billing Glitch

So, we were reviewing our Charter Cable/Internet/Phone bill this morning, and we see that certain itemized entries on our bill were increased by 3000%.

Needless to say, this raised some red flags in our minds.

We looked a little bit closer, and it turns out that things like “Franchise Fee” went from a couple bucks (under $2 monthly, actually), to over $40 this month.  Big raise.  Immediately I started to Google what a “Franchise Fee” actually is.  It turns out it is a fee that communities (like mine), charge Charter to operate in the community.  Sounds fair enough, right?  Unfortunately, Charter feels it fair to just pass it on to the community.

That’s right, the fee that the community levies on Charter in order to enrich the community, has to be paid by the community itself, because Charter passes it along.  Give me a break.

Anyway, the second item was a “Comm Prog Access Grant”, which went from a few cents a month, to a charge of over $16 this month.

Needless to say, we picked up the phone and called Charter.  They were very nice on the phone, and they informed us that there was a system glitch which generated the false charges.  They promptly refunded the charges, and said that the system was automatically updating for those who didn’t call in.

I sure wish I could make some charges up, and then refund them only when people call me on it.

If you see these raised charges on your bill, give Charter a call – they will take care of it.