1883 J.A. Symonds Letter to A. Swinburne re: HT Wharton

Date Line: Am Hof Davoy Platz Jan 3rd, 1883

Here is a letter from John Addington Symonds to Algernon Charles Swinburne.  The text of the letter seems to be about a then “unknown” author to Symonds, named H. T. Wharton.  Wharton was later known for his Sappho translations.

This is an interesting find because it details an author that had yet to be “discovered” as far as my research has shown.

We found this in a limited run for Symonds book on Walt Whitman – it was a run of only 208 copies on special paper, and this was inside number 43.  The book itself dated 1893, so it is unknown if this letter was sent to Swinburne via the book, or if the book was purchased by someone later on who came across this letter and put it in the book.

At any rate, the letter is in fantastic shape – and we thought we should share the contents with the world.  We have had a couple of private offers from collectors.  We are still taking offers, but really need to be motivated to sell this piece of history.

I invite you to read over the letter, and if you wish, transcribe it into a comment – I have mostly figured it out, but there are some parts that elude me.